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is our "GUCCI" JCH JBIS Catch a Falling Star Lebombo from Czech Republic !!

(22 females in the class)
Parents: Elangeni Braveheartrules x Dykumos Sucha Blonde Ambition
My sincere gratitude to the judge Zvi Kupferberg (IL).
 I greatly thank to Markéta Nováková for those beautiful photos.







My both girls Elza and Gucci are just amazing !!
Again and again, they have confirmed their qualities and have won in the class of youngsters and veterans at the Club Show ČKRR, Olomouc 2.9.2018 !!

Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" - 13 months old
Excellent 1/12, CAJC and Best of Junior

African Elza Bawean´s Hope "ELZA" - 9,5 years old
Excellent 1/6

We are very grateful to the judge Jan Coppens for such a nice rating of our girls, thanks to the Club ČKRR for great prizes and also thanks to Klára Olivová for nice photos.



We spent a nice and successful weekend in Olomouc !

On Saturday at the national exhibition in Olomouc, the girls were excellent and gained:
GUCCI - Exc.1/10, CAJC and Best of Junior
ELZA - Excellent 1/3

Elza "African Elza Bawean's Hope" is 9.5 years old and Gucci "Catch a Falling Star Lebombo" is 13 months old.

Our sincere appreciation to judge Christian Jouanchicot (FR)




JCH JBIS Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" - 13 m.o.
again won Exc.1, CAJC and Best of Junior at an in Ml.Boleslav this weekend!
father: Elangeni Braveheartrules "Eros"
mother: Dykumos Sucha Blonde Ambition "Zarra"
We greatly appreciate this award from the judge Marion Finney, IRL.



My beloved ELZA - African ELza Bawean´s Hope is 9,5 years old and is in great shape, still very strong in the body!
She like to run when I take the bike.

At a light speed of five kilometers is just fun for her. The video is already shot at the finish.




*** JCh.Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" ***
(Elangeni BraveHeartRules "Eros" x Dykumos Sucha Blonde Ambition "Zarra")

oh my, it sounds beautifully … Gucci is a JUNIOR CHAMPION of the Czech Republic, who finished in three months!!!
Now we will have a short break from the exhibitions, maybe we will attend only three shows that have already been registered before and in November you will see us in the intermediate class.
Even though I think Gucci could also be successful
at shows in other countries, I will not be exhibiting her for some time elsewhere than in the CZ. We also need time to simply enjoy life together,
we are working with Gucci on obedience training and other active sports. This is most important to us.

Gucci is not showing much and at this time her worst awards is twice Excellent 3 therefore I would like to mention our best show success which we received in eight months at sixteen shows 17/18, namely …

Junior BIS 2nd place at Regional Show Příbram 2018
Junior BIG 1st place at Nat.Show Klatovy 2018
Junior BIS 1st place at Regional Show Plzeň 2018
Junior BIG 1st place at International Show Litoměřice 2018
BIS Puppy at double Club Shows ČKRR 2018
Best puppy at ČKRR Club Show April 2018
Best puppy at ČKRR Club Show March 2018
BIS Puppy 1st place at International Show Brno 2018
BIS Puppy 3rd place at National Show M.Boleslav 2017

I think Gucci represents the Rhodesian Ridgebacks breed in the finals very well !
Thank you very much for this lovely girl
Caroline, Šárka, Asta, Linda, it is an honor to me own her and I am very much looking forward to what the future will bring us



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" won today at the National Show in Ml.Boleslav under the judge V.Piskay Excellent 1, CAJC.
We did not get to the final this time, but we are still very happy because Gucci becomes
****JUNIOR CHAMPION Czech Republic ****
at the age of 12 months !!!
I'm so proud of our amazing girl




Today our "GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo (Eros x Zarra) celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY in big style.
On the Regional Show in Příbram won Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner. In the final, from circa 35 young winners in the ring was Gucci selected to the top eight best and took
****BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR 2nd place !!! ****
Judge: Petr Řehánek, BIG: Tomáš Kučera
I am very proud of her. Again and again Šárka thank you for this wonderful starry girl which you finally confided to me.





We have amazing news ....
"GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo ( Eros x Zarra) 11 months old, yesterday at National Dog Show Klatovy, won Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, aaaand again JBIG !!!
judge: Jaroslav Matyáš, BIG: Erwin Deutscher
I'm very very happy and so proud of my sweet girl !!
... not the best photo of Gucci, but I like it too. I'm waiting for photos from the big ring. Many thanks Šárka for this wonderful girl.





We were at Club Shows Kchrr CZ 9-10 June 2018 and we were doing well !!

African ELZA Bawean´s Hope - 9,5 y.o, - Excellent 1, Best of Veterans
Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "Gucci" - 11 m.o. - both days Excellent 3
ERIN Born ToBe Loved Bawean´s Hope - 4 y.o. - both days Excellent 2, Res.CAC from working and champion class.

Judges: Šárka Štusáková (ČR) and Naďa Nikolic (DK)

We spent a beautiful extended weekend with friends at the cottage and enjoyed really hot weather.

African ELZA Bawean´s Hope - 9,5 y.o

Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "Gucci" - 11 m.o.

Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "Gucci" - 11 m.o.

ERIN Born ToBe Loved Bawean´s Hope - 4 y.o

African ELZA Bawean´s Hope - 9,5 y.o

Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "Gucci" - 11 m.o.

me with ERIN Born ToBe Loved Bawean´s Hope - 4 y.o



We are home from today's Regional Show in Pilsen and we can go celebrate ...
My sweet girl "GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo - 10.5 months, again glowing in the ring and win Excellent 1, Junior Class Winner and Junior BIG / of 26 dogs !!!
We are incredibly proud of our star and we enjoy it very much!
Judges: Andraš Polgar, BIG: Grzegorz Robak. I would like thank Dita and Petr for the wonderful company and photo!





I got beautiful photos from last Saturday from an international show in Litoměřice,
where "GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo in her 10,5 months, took under the judges Andraš Polgar and Petr Řehánek

Thank you very much for photos Markéta Nováková - you are awesome !




"GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo - 10,5 months old, yesterday at International Dog Show Litoměřice, won Excellent 1 CAJC /12, BOJ, JBIG !
Judges: Andraš Polgar, BIG: Petr Řehánek
... no need to write more, because the results show how happy and proud I can be of my girl !!




"GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebomo ( Eros x Zarra ) - almost 10 months at an international show in Prague May 5, 2018 during the judging. She got from Karin van Klaveren Excellent 2.
For this beautiful photo thank you Markéta Nováková!




"GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo, odstartovala o víkendu velmi pěkně třídu mladých, na Mezinárodní výstavě v Českých Budějovicích.
Vedla si výborně, pro mě byla nejlepší :-) nicméně rozhodčí vybral jinak a to samozřejmě respektujeme. Získala Výborná 2 a krásný, obsáhlý posudek od
Spörr Roland (AUT).
Gucci byla opravdu šikovná, nechala si prohlédnout zuby i exteriér bez sebemenšího couvnutí.
kujeme za tak hezké ocenění, gratulujeme znova soupeřům a těšíme se do Prahy. Za fotku moc děkuji Markéta Nováková!

"GUCCI" Catch a Falling Star Lebombo, started a very nice in young class at the International Dog Show in České Budějovice at the weekend.
She did a great job and was the best for me :-)
However, the judge chose differently and of course we respect it. She got Excellent 2 and a beautiful, comprehensive review from Spörr Roland (AUT).
She was really perfect, showed her teeth and the exterior without any problems.
Thanks for such a nice judgment, again
congratulations to our opponents and look forward to Prague. Thank you very much for the photo
Markéta Nováková!




My beautiful girls have done an amazing job again ...they could not get more at Club Shows ČKRR 1.4.2018

ELZA - African Elza Bawean´s Hope won in veteran class EXC.1, Best of Veterans and Best in Show Veteran

judge: Alicia Mohr-Hanna (USA, Kimani kennel) and Henk Salm (NL, Paerdecroon kennel)


GUCCI - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo won Very Promising 1, Best Puppy and Best in Show Puppy

judge: Martina Viktorinová (CZ, Ropotamo kennel) and Iveta Klápová (CZ, Slunce Života kennel)

I can not describe how much I´am proud of my girls, that they both managed win in such a strong competition for two days and earned the highest titles.
Many thanks to the ČKRR Club for perfect organization and a great awards. Thanks for photos to Lenka Havlanová.





Today was a bit cold but above all a successfull and wonderful day!
Both my girls, ELZA - African Elza Bawean´s Hope 9 years old and GUCCI - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo almost 9months old, took everything at the Club Show of ČKRR !

ELZA in the veteran class of 11 females, won EXC.1 from judge Henk Salm (NL, Paerdecroon kennel) and also

under judge Alicia Mohr-Hanna (USA, Kimani kennel)

thanks for Elza´s photo to Lenka Havlanová

Gucci got VERY PROMISING 1 in the puppy class of 11 females and won the title


Judged Iveta Klápová (CZ, Slunce Života kennel)

I am really happy and I thank you very much to the judges for these awards, I really appreciate them !



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" 7 months old
BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at international show a few days back!

I´m so lucky having her. She's really a treasure for me !!

Also, the results of Gucci's genetic tests have come and the results are excellent.
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: N/N
Hyperuricosuria: N/N
Hemophilia B (Factor IX): N(X) / N(X)
Malignant hyperthermia: N/N
Gucci now weighs 30 kg, is a full teeth with scissor bite!! Happy me!!



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI"

BIS PUPPY at international show Brno 4.2.2018

Podařilo se nám s Gucci vybojovat z konkurence 42 pejsků Nejlepší dorost 1.místo !!
Mám obrovskou, ale opravdu obrovskou radost z tak velkého úspěchů a moc děkuji rozhodčímu Leoš Jančík !!


GUCCI "Catch a Falling Star Lebombo" dnes na MVP Brno *** VELMI NADĚJNÁ 1 *** !!
Třída dorost, rozhodčí Věra Dvořákova.



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" na MVP Brno VELMI NADĚJNÁ 2 !!
třída dorost, rozhodčí
Šárka Štusáková.




Gucci - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo, Very Promising 2 at National dog show Brno 

Gucci with her brother Jasper