Novinky / News 2018


My beautiful girls have done an amazing job again ...they could not get more at Club Shows ČKRR 1.4.2018

ELZA - African Elza Bawean´s Hope won in veteran class EXC.1, Best of Veterans and Best in Show Veteran

judge: Alicia Mohr-Hanna (USA, Kimani kennel) and Henk Salm (NL, Paerdecroon kennel)


GUCCI - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo won Very Promising 1, Best Puppy and Best in Show Puppy

judge: Martina Viktorinová (CZ, Ropotamo kennel) and Iveta Klápová (CZ, Slunce Života kennel)

I can not describe how much I´am proud of my girls, that they both managed win in such a strong competition for two days and earned the highest titles.
Many thanks to the ČKRR Club for perfect organization and a great awards. Thanks for photos to Lenka Havlanová.





Today was a bit cold but above all a successfull and wonderful day!
Both my girls, ELZA - African Elza Bawean´s Hope 9 years old and GUCCI - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo almost 9months old, took everything at the Club Show of ČKRR !

ELZA in the veteran class of 11 females, won EXC.1 from judge Henk Salm (NL, Paerdecroon kennel) and also

under judge Alicia Mohr-Hanna (USA, Kimani kennel)

thanks for Elza´s photo to Lenka Havlanová

Gucci got VERY PROMISING 1 in the puppy class of 11 females and won the title


Judged Iveta Klápová (CZ, Slunce Života kennel)

I am really happy and I thank you very much to the judges for these awards, I really appreciate them !



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" 7 months old
BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at international show a few days back!

I´m so lucky having her. She's really a treasure for me !!

Also, the results of Gucci's genetic tests have come and the results are excellent.
Degenerative myelopathy: N/N
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: N/N
Hyperuricosuria: N/N
Hemophilia B (Factor IX): N(X) / N(X)
Malignant hyperthermia: N/N
Gucci now weighs 30 kg, is a full teeth with scissor bite!! Happy me!!



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI"

BIS PUPPY at international show Brno 4.2.2018

Podařilo se nám s Gucci vybojovat z konkurence 42 pejsků Nejlepší dorost 1.místo !!
Mám obrovskou, ale opravdu obrovskou radost z tak velkého úspěchů a moc děkuji rozhodčímu Leoš Jančík !!


GUCCI "Catch a Falling Star Lebombo" dnes na MVP Brno *** VELMI NADĚJNÁ 1 *** !!
Třída dorost, rozhodčí Věra Dvořákova.



Catch a Falling Star Lebombo "GUCCI" na MVP Brno VELMI NADĚJNÁ 2 !!
třída dorost, rozhodčí
Šárka Štusáková.




Gucci - Catch a Falling Star Lebombo, Very Promising 2 at National dog show Brno 

Gucci with her brother Jasper